Vietnamese Bowl

If you love a flavoured-packed combo of meat, noodles and salad, then our Vietnamese Bowl (aka Vietnamese Bun for the foodies) is just for you!

We begin with a bed of tasty rice noodles, paired with a crisp veg combo of carrot, cabbage, red onion & coriander. Now we can’t just create a superstar meal without a lil YF twist…so that’s why our bowl is loaded with healthy turkey mince tossed with peanuts, lime, chili and fish sauce. #HelloVietnam. Top this with a finger-licking good mint infused soy dressing, a sprinkle of toasted cashews and you’re well on your way to a food coma.

The best part about this meal is that you can enjoy it fresh or warm! We promise it’ll be love at first bite (sorry, couldn’t resist).

This meal is Dairy Free! You can enjoy this meal fresh out of the fridge! Or you can enjoy reheated for 1 min! 

  • Vietnamese turkey mince, lime, garlic, rice noodle, soy sauce, mint jelly, Chinese cabbage, carrot, red onion, shallot & coriander. Contains: Wheat, fish, soy, tree nuts & crustacean.

  • Serving Suggestion: Add a lil’ fresh sliced chilli.

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Category: Dairy Free, Turkey

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