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Zinga Chicken

We're about to put the zing in your step with our Zinga Chicken!

Boy oh boy, do we have the goods! Our chefs have created a little ripper that will have you bypassing that drive-thru. #WinkWink.

We've got tender, juicy chicken coated in our secret herbs & spices. To make the perfect trio, we've added hand cut chicken salt chips and blanched broc. #NoRegrets. Now, it ain't chicken and chips without a mighty fine dipping sauce, and we've got one with the perfect amount of spice to get those tastebuds-a-dancin'.

Crisp up your chicken and chips in the oven for some crunch, then zap your broc in the mic and serve with sauce!

Or you can enjoy reheated for 2 mins! 

  • YF Serving Suggestion: Pop your chicken, chips & sauce in a wrap, then toast and serve with a side of broc!   
  • Zinga Chicken (40%) (Chicken Tenderloin, Sweet Chilli Sauce (Palm Sugar, Water, Red Chili, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic), Flour, Sriracha, Bread Crumbs, Garlic, Oregano, Garlic Powder, Chicken Stock Powder, Black Pepper, Chilli Powder), White Potato, Broccoli (19%), Smokey Mayo (10%) (Mayonnaise, Sriracha, Smoked Paprika), Black Pepper. Contains: Wheat, Egg & Soy.

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